Sunday, May 23, 2010

last one for now....

Just a few more cute pics of me and my girl!! And a chance for you to see two of her new favorite activities...lip smacking and playing with her sippy cup (although as you can see she is more interested in teething on the lid than the cup itself!)

Andy's world

Some of the many things that are now a part of daily life with Andy....solid food, almost crawling, and a lot more interest in toys!


Hello bloggers! Well here are a few short posts to help you know what we have been up too. These pictures here are just a sample of some of the family visits we have had. Most recently we got to see Jon's Uncle Cliff and Aunt Lee. They came to meet Andy and say hello. We had a great visit and you can see Andy playing with a ball they brought her. Andy also was very interested in Cliff's cane but we managed to get her to go for the ball instead. One of the benefits to having a little one I suppose is getting a lot of visitors and catching up with everyone.