Tuesday, September 27, 2005

financial aid, hurricanes, and the registrar

Hello everyone!
After many many days I have finally found a spare min. to blog about life. School has been going well but things are very busy. My latest triumphs include several trips to the registrars office, and reading about financial aid. The system here at USU is that once you don't attend a class they automatically drop you and send you a refund. So when you go into the registrar at the begining of the semester to drop one class and add one class you end up paying them and then later recieving the same amount in the mail later that week. Some days I wish a hurricane would decend soley on the registrars office and kill all their computers and shoes. Just a foot of water or so not more than that. Lets see other news? Oh yes reading about financial aid, lately since I have been considering marriage and self support etc. I have been reading on all the fun ways the Federal Government can help me. I think its a great idea to force the registrars office and the Federal Government to communicate.

Other fun school news from this week: I am almost done with my neuro anatomy class and have been coloring a bunch of brain diagrams to prepare for tests. My on campus clinic this week involved a man with alzhiemers who had ridiculous amounts of ear wax.

Home news: My printer is still broken, it just makes the paper uptake noise over and over. I actually got to see Paul for dinner two nights this week and the back door is warping with the weather so it doesn't close properly.

Hmmm I think thats all for now, my brain is tired so not sure how this blog is turning out. Much love to Jake and Erin glad to hear you have survived hurricanes! So much for docile confines! Hope to write more soon!


jake & erin said...

Considering marriage...... like how soon.... looks like it's time for a phone call.....

Patsy said...

dittos what Jake and Erin said. But I am happy nonetheless!