Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brides log

Days till the wedding: 57
Thank you notes written: 48
Free weekends between now and the wedding: 1
Weight: 150lbs
Days till dress fitting: 8

Well now that you have some basic stats I thought I would fill you in on my day and plans for the days to come. Today I made a major step toward my married life; I moved my twin bed out of my room to make room for Jon's queen size bed to move into my house. Jon helped a lot of course. This will be an interesting turn for Jon and myself since Jon has been staying here for months but now his belongings will be as well. Not to mention that for the next two nights this means Jon will sleep on the couch until the other bed can be moved. I of course will be a big help learning how to sleep in the same twin bed but in a different bedroom.

Other plans for the upcoming week include my spending a day observing audiology at the VA hospital in SLC. Hopefully an enlightening experience that I can fill you all in on later.

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