Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Latest

Here is some benefit of the monsoon, some beautiful flowers on the way to the mailbox. All the yellow buds will turn into these orange flowers (which close up at night and stay open in the afternoon).
Right near there you can see how the ocotillo look post monsoon. The good news is that the spine covered branches get leaves and look much fuller. The bad news is after one good storm the wind bends them and frequently uproots them.

This last one is our latest evidence of an AZ creature visiting our home. On a bright note we know we don't have trantulas in our house....
Nothing else too exciting to report. Jon and I have been learning the trials of apartment living during the monsoon. So far we have had a leak in the roof and a leaking window sill in our bedroom. This past week we had a water main break in our complex and went a whole day without water. The following day the monsoon storm caused a tree to fall and our power was out for 3hours. Which for all your non-AZ folks this is especially tragic because it means no AC.
On the work front things have been steadily improving. I have sold a few pairs of hearing aids from our recent ads for Phonak. And I've been learning how to fill out billing forms properly so that when we bill insurance they cover more. My latest upseting discovery regarding healthcare in the US is that now at my office it is cheaper for a person to have a cosmetic appointment than it is to purchase hearing aids. Example, the cheapest hearing aid we offer 950 dollars, botox injections 60 dollars. I note this especially for Paul, can we say reform?
Well, I think thats it. Miss you all!!

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