Sunday, May 04, 2008


SO... finally a new post. Just putting up a few posts of pictures to fill people in on whats going on here in AZ. First off I have officially graduated from Utah State with my Au.D. This last weekend Jon and I went to UT for graduation. Here are a few pics of Jon and I, my parents, Jon's parents and a group shot with classmates/profs.
We had all 6 in my class come walk thru the ceremony (the largest graduating Au.D. class since USU's program began). All in all we had a great trip even if it was just a quick one! I don't know why the text on my blog is being so strange...But seeing as I have a doctorate I'll figure it out; and now that school is truly over hopefully I'll post more often.


jake & erin said...

Yay for posting! And of course congrats on graduating!...I am getting more and more anxious for it myself.


jake & erin said...

Hooray for two Umbriaco comments! We're so proud of you - wish we could have made it out. I really hope you guys can make it for jonathan's wedding!

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hey Amy!
Some of us remember the little ditty: "no more classes, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks..." This time I think it really has meaning.
And soon I will join you in appreciating the end of the school term. Alas, like the weekends, the new school year will begin again all too soon. Love ya. And we are everso proud of you too!!
Aunt Patsy