Friday, August 14, 2009

Time for blogging...what is this?!

Hello Blog world! Well despite lots going on I finally have a spare moment for blogging! Lets see what can I report to you all? Currently 34 (35 tomorrow!) weeks pregnant, the temp outside!104 deg F, 'feels like'....a billion deg F. Baby Wheeler weighs in somewhere around the 4lb mark we think based on secret ultrasound tech calulations.

'The house' as you may have read on Jon's blog (aka the place we are moving to Makenna St.) now has stucco outside and has drywall, tape and mud inside. The race between house and baby continues and only time will tell what will occur first moving or becoming parents. Nevertheless we are prepared for anything....well as prepared as possible.
Hope everyone enjoys the pics!


Jim said...

YEaahhhh!!! Mom says you look great! (not big at all!)

In honor of the McKenna project, we stacked, bundled, and categorized your moving boxes. We just need a moving van just for them!

Two Weeks from today, HUG time.

Dad and Mom

Erin said...


I stalked your blog through Jon's!