Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Birth Story (edited for 'content')

Hi all,
Tried to put pics and the story but as usual ran into what could best be described as formatting issues. So pics below and story here for anyone who is interested! Let's see well the actual birth story itself began Friday morning at 4am. I rolled over in bed and my water broke, woke Jon and then mom to begin getting ready to go to hospital. Jon and mom put bags in the car for me while I had a snack (hey I know what's about to happen, ice chips, so had to get something) then Jon took final bump picture (seen below, looking good for being wet, in labor and it being 4am). Off to the hospital we went!

Arrived at hospital and spent about an hour in triage waiting for confirmation that my water had in fact broken. Got orders from OBGYN on call to start pitocin and move me to labor and delivery. Once in labor and delivery got all the normal things taken care of, hospital gown, IV, pitocin, 3 hospital bands, and 2 monitors, oh and a blood pressure cuff (no chance of me 'escaping' now). Spent about 6 hours with nurse coming to gradually increase pitocin meanwhile dilating etc. around 10am asked for epidural (bless that Dr Slone). Post epidural waited till about 1:30 before began pushing. Pushed with help from Jon, mom, my grandma and my nurse (truly an underpaid, underappreciated asset!!!). Andrea Kathleen Wheeler was born at 3:59pm almost 12 hours exactly from time my labor began. She weighed in at 6lbs 120z and was 20 and 3/4 inches long (truly that nurse couldn't just call it 21...sigh honestly). Jon cut the cord (so brave!). Various nurses miraculously appeared and began doing all the other routine exams, shots, measurements etc. (for those interested Andy's APGAR was a 7 and after 5min a 9).

All told a vary normal birth without complications (yay!) Healthy baby and healthy mommy! Now just coming out of a post delivery haze of breastfeeding, diaper changing, visitors etc. Hope to put new pics and more updates soon. Thanks so much to all for your thoughts and prayers as well as all the comments, calls and visits! Couldn't have done it without your help!

(for those hoping for more details please feel free to email me questions wink)


jake and erin said...

Again Yay and Congrats! So glad things went well! Keep the pictures and updates coming...of course as you are able while adjusting to the new life :)

Susan said...

I am so happy. She is just beautiful and I can not wait for Oct 1st to get here. Thank you guys
Love Grandma

Jodi said...

Ok - I can't even stand it! That hair is just crazy! Amy - remember the first time that you came up to the cabin with us and I was sleeping and Riley started crying so you came in and got her so that I could sleep? I do! You are going to be a great Mom! I sure do hope that at some point - I can return the favor! Tons of Love and Congrats!
Andy (and Will's) Favorite Aunt - Jodi