Monday, August 22, 2005

Compressed Air

Hello everyone,
Tonights news starts with my current debate of 'does a confetti canon count as a firework or compressed air or neither'? I want to send my friend several confetti canons as a gift to show her how happy we all are for her that she is now engaged. BUT, I'm not sure if I'll get thrown in the clink by USPS for mailing them. I'd take them to the post office and just ask but I'm afraid they'll confiscate them or something. In other news there are exactly 10 days until my first comprehensive exam for the AuD program, guess how much I'll be blogging this next week. Emily (the band gal that has been staying with us) is now officially moved into her dorms. And last but not least the nail that was stuck in the pump of my parents washing machine has 'worked its way out' due to the fact that my dad called people on the phone (me, my mom, and the repairman) and played the weird noise for us all, this apparently the on again off again jostled it back to normality. Thats about it for fun and exciting adventures with Amy, I'll write again after comps.

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jake & erin said...

Is the madness almost over? When are you leaving the crazy world of Logan for the docile confines of Houston?