Wednesday, August 17, 2005

finally found password

hello all,
Well after several weeks of searching and emailing I finally found my password so it was possible for me to get back on and update my blog. Maybe this time I can aim for two posts in a month. Not that a lot has occurred but I know all you adoring fans are waiting for the next post and I don't want to disappoint. So here is the latest news: I have finished summer clinic hours at Tanner Clinic (~130 hours only 1,670 hours to go) and I am waiting for my new fall placement. I also have finished the summer research stats class and have passed the entrance exam into the next level of stats. I can now relax and do all those fun summer things like studying for the first week of class in which I have 4 days of comprehensive exams. This week we have Emily Sorensen staying at our house. She is a freshman who is here for of all things, band camp. USU doesn't open the dorms until the 22nd so she is crashing on our most uncomfortable hide-a-bed until she can move. So we are teaching her all the vitals like bus schedules and how to make easy mac. Anyways thats all the news for now. Hope to post again soon.

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jake & erin said...

Amy -

Welcome dear sister to the world of blogging... when you get to 10 posts we shall celebrate... there will be revelry and merry-making in at least two states!