Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cattle Bat

Hello everyone,
Before I get going I am sad to inform you all that I still have no earthly idea how to put pictures on my blog, BUT you can check out enormous renditions of my hand with engagement ring on Jon's blog.
Secondly, a big congratulations to my favorite dog parents on the recent adoption of Battlecat!

Not much else to report, just thought for all the readers out there I would put up a new post. Besides it helps me get back into the swing of typing after driving home from Layton. This week should be a good one. I am testing a friend of dad's in the on campus clinic on Tuesday, always fun to have a client that you know. I am finishing up a theme on safety with Pioneer Club kids on Wed. night...and of course rounding off the week with yet another Friday at U of U hospital.

I wish I had some amazing stories to share with you all from U of U clinic 9....we did see a man with cotton stuck in his ear this last Friday, I have learned how to drill vents into hearing aids,
and I got to play with a new hearing aid that uses a remote control but thats about it for fun stories. Anyway will try to post a tale of excitement soon!


Jo-Blo said...

I just wanted to let everyone reading this know how excited I am that Jon and Amy are getting married! My brother is really lucky to have found Amy she is great! Jami and I are really excited to have Amy for our sister-in-law! Tons of Congrats you guys!!

jake & erin said...

Have you ever seen a llama? Fuzzy llama? Cheesecake llama? Battlecat would love to meet you sometime... when are you coming to visit?