Monday, November 21, 2005


Hi everyone!
Well a big thanks to my Aunt Patsy for her instructions on how to put pictures on my blog! Although I almost faked not understanding them just to have an excuse to talk to her on the phone. Will have to investigate how calling Germany works later.
Anyway for all you blog readers I have uploaded a picture of my Fiance Jon. Doesn't he look great everyone? This is a picture of us at our second prom a good 5...almost 6 years after our first prom. This prom happened to be a very fun church fundraiser for the youth to go on a mission trip. So a bunch of us went to dance and relive prom for a good cause.


Patsy said...

Amy, Woo hooo! pics! Fabulosa! Es muy divertido! And I would love to talk to you too, but until you have time to sign up for, the best idea is for you to e-mail me the best time for me to call YOU. Love, Aunt Patsy

Jo-Blo said...

This is a way awesome picture! You guys look really cute! How handsome does my brother look in a tux??