Sunday, March 05, 2006

A new post!

Hello everyone,
I know this looks bad, more than a month between posting. In my defense I tried to post again in Feb. but their was a scheduled outage I didn't kn0w about so it never posted. I will do my best to bring you up on all the fun news. I have one week until spring break and all the midterm projects/tests are approaching so sadly I'll have to make it quick.

New things I have done:
1. Played Bunko
2. Played Jon's saxophone (with help)

Wedding News:
1. Have finally settled on purple (plum for all you women out there), a light purple, and a green (kind of a sage-y color girls)
2. Hired a photographer

School News:
1. working on my autobiography so it can later be sent with resumes
2. Midterm is in 5 days...nuff said.

Well I think that is all the highlights, I am going to try and get online again during spring break to fill out the survey Paul requested a Loooooong time ago..... so be looking for that.

1 comment:

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