Thursday, August 31, 2006

Portland Trip Pictures

This is a picture of my classmate Johnny in our training room at Starkey. This is a picture of our group with George Frye (owner) and his wife Sally. For those of you wondering George is 6' 7" tall....I asked him.
This is a picture of inside Frye, where they manufacture hearing aid analyzers and audiometers. To quote Sally Frye, "George likes to have his tools."
Here is another group shot of all of us in front of Starkey, pretty much the only rainy day we had, not bad for Portland.

I have some other pictures coming from a classmate and will try to write more later on....having a bit of trouble getting my text and pics on the way I want!


jake & erin said...

Wow...interesting...your classmate Johnny Foster and I went to high school is he???

Jo-Blo said...

I think that they are the best too! Everytime poor Jon comes anywhere without you Riley will ask, "Where's Amy???"