Wednesday, August 30, 2006

quick post

Hello everyone
I decided since I am on the computer that a mandatory short post is necessary. SO I will tell you all about my evening. Tonight I returned from a school trip to Portland. My flight got in around 6:30pm. I then rode back with my professor and several other students to Logan. Somewhere around 8pm my professor dropped me off at home.

Now before I can continue I must give you a little background on my home. If you don't already know I live in a condominium. There are two ways into the house the front and the back. The front door has a lock and a deadbolt, in front of that is a storm door which locks only from the inside (not a key lock). The back door has a deadbolt and leads to a small patio area. the other end of the patio has a door leading to my garage which can only be opened with a garage door opener; I do not have a keypad or handle to open the door manually from the outside.

On with tonights story. So my professor dropped me off and I head toward the front door. My car was safely shut in the garage. When I got there the storm door was locked.

.... So there I was. Standing in the dark with my purse, a suitcase, several sets of keys and no way at all into my home. After several phone calls I managed to get back in by having a generous friend take me to Jon's work to retrieve his garage door opener. Now it is 11 pm I am sitting at my computer blogging away waiting for Jon to get off work because as you all are now aware he cannot enter the house. Anyway its time to get back to my emails I have 20 new messages and class starts tomorrow morning. Hope to put pictures and a better blog about Portland soon.

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