Friday, September 08, 2006


Today was better....eventually. Today was my first day with my internship at the Budge Clinic. I arrived at the clinic at 7:45am and parked in my assigned area (far away from the door in the 'blue lined' spots). At first I was told 'blue lined spots' today I found out (but was not surprised) to find out that blue lines=peon. I went into the Budge Clinic and headed for HR to turn in my second round of paperwork. The happy girl there took my paperwork and proclaimed that my name badge was still not done..."could you come back this afternoon?" After this I went upstairs to the second floor (took the stairs) to Audiology. Note:Audiology/ENT at Budge is right next to OBGYN, who organizes these things? Upon arriving to Audiology I found that my supervisor was not there yet and our first appointment was not until 8:30am. I went back downstairs (taking the elevator). I walked back to the blue lined spaces and finished my coffee while sitting in my car (I'm a big chicken). After a short pep talk and half a cup of coffee I walked back inside (took the stairs again). By this time my supervisor had arrived and asked, 'where's your name tag?' and then introduced me to everyone who works there due to the fact that I had no badge to proclaim who I was.

2:15pm Took lunch. Went to USU Health Center and got my TB shot checked. Knowing I was TB free I got back in my car and ate grapes on my way back to the blue spaces. Once I parked I went back in to HR, name badge still not ready, "how do you spell that last name again?" Went upstairs (took the stairs, hey who's proud?). 2:40pm was back at work.

6:00pm all patients gone, begin paperwork. After practicing medical coding and record keeping I put all papers that had been important all day in the shredder. All in all a good day. Seems like things will go well with my new supervisor. However, I remain nameless until Monday where I will try to conquer HR again. Perhaps I should mention to them that I have been a good girl and park in the blue spaces? Remind I have turned in all my paperwork and have no TB? Who knows. Have new resolve. Will Prevail. Will get name badge!

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Patsy said...

Hey Amy,
Yes, I frequently wonder why I do what I do. I think you would be crazy if you didn't. It would mean you were a complete drone and were not conscious enough to query, question, and evaluate "the meaning of Life". And just as the most important information you learn while "in college" is what occurs outside of class, the most important and satisfying things in your Life occur when you are busy planning what you want to be. Just get busy "being," is the best advice. Love, Aunt Pat