Sunday, December 31, 2006


1 day post marriage:
drove to Las Vegas and got honked at in response to car decorations for example windows that say 'love train'. Also enjoyed many odd looks at me while I was driving since the drivers window said "baby makin machine".

6 days post marriage:
Returned from honeymoon and went directly to family xmas activities. A long day but not bad.

7 days post marriage:
Woke up and opened lots of gifts (wedding gifts that is).

8 days post marriage:
Woke up and opened lots of gifts (xmas gifts). Two mornings of gift opening, not likely to ever happen again..very fun.

15 days post marriage:
Woke up, went to instacare, followed by smiths. Now armed with 3 perscriptions I am ready to again face married life....or at least life with a cold, an ear infection and pink eye.

Well, that about covers the highlights. :) More once I am feeling better.


Patsy said...

Dearest Amy,
Condolences (sp?)that you feel crummy. I hope you will be better soon.
Just learned (realized after forgetfulness..) that an old friend from Kokomo is now living in Tucson. And the world seems to be more closely knit than I knew. She responded to my Happy New Year e-mails. Cool.
Best wishes, Aunt Patsy

Patsy said...

Hey Ames,
Update your profile. You are now a happily married person wearing Thai pants. he he he.

Anonymous said...

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