Monday, January 29, 2007

Life and DNRs

Hello everyone,
I have finally stolen a moment to work on my blog and tell you about my life. So here is what's new: I'm taking two classes this semester Practice Management and Educational Audiology, I have an internship two days a week at the IHC Hearing and Balance Center in SLC, and I'm almost in the black as far as those wedding thank you notes are concerned. Today I have been exteremely productive working on my capstone and paying back library fines for books I never read. This is because I allow friends and family to use my University library account. I will be sad to see this account go once I graduate as it gives me access to USU's library, U of U's library and BYU's library.

Also here is my response to Erin Umbriaco's question of how I feel about end of life issues. I personally don't understand when keeping someone alive via machine truly comes into play. Such as when it must be done and how it is done. But here is my 'take'.

I am an organ donor so if being kept on machine means someone else can use my heart, kidneys, etc. then turn on the pump or whatever. I also am entering a time in my life where I may consider having children and I'm not sure if being kept alive by a machine may save my child. If I were pregnant and got in a car accident or something I would support my being kept alive via machine if that would mean my child could be born healthy. SO I would like to say that there is no blanket statement that can cover how I feel about it, each situation would be different. I think Jon would have to ask himself what that machine was keeping me alive for, if it was just for the sake of staying alive to prolong grief I would say thats probably not worth it. I do think that regardless of your feelings you should let your loved ones know, in a legal written way. Doing this may seem morbid but it prevents endless grief for your family. Hope this answers your question Erin.

Hope to write more soon!


Paul said...

Why is your blog called 'The Cheese Stands Alone...Yes, Alone'???

Jo-Blo said...

Amy - Is "The Cheese Stands Alone" a book? When I was in High School I had to read a book that was about a kid who was all alone and I know that it had the name Cheese in the title. I really liked it, but I cannot remember what it is called!!!