Monday, April 02, 2007

What's new

Hello blog readers... I'd like to start off with a fabulous excuse for not blogging but I really don't have one. So instead I'll just fill you in on the news.

School continues on, neverending group projects, reading, and meetings. Our semester finishes up the first week of May so not too much longer. Also continuing my capstone project with my wonderful committee chair. After 2 months of meeting every Tues. at 10am I am still unsure if he truly knows my name. However, Utah State now officially knows me as Amy Wheeler which is a triumph after much paperwork and 3 trips to the registrars office.

The move to AZ gets closer each day. Jon and I are busily packing and boxes are everywhere in the house both empty and full. The condo is officially on the market and hopefully one day soon someone will decide to buy it, freeing us up to pay rent to only one place in May as oppossed to two. I've also submitted all my paperwork to the AZ health dept. and hopefully my licenses will arrive soon.

No other truly exciting news, just ongoing wedding aftermath. Even though the wedding was 3 months ago we just recieved another gift and have just barely spent the last of those Bed Bath and Beyond giftcards. I'll try and get some classic 'moving' pictures for you all this week.

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