Monday, April 23, 2007

American Academy of Audiology

Hello Readers!
First off let me say this is my first posting on the 'new blogger' it has been forced upon me so I cannot vouch for anything bad that may happen on this posting. In other words, I have even less of an idea of how this all works now.
Now, on to more important items. This past week I attended the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) convention in Denver, CO. Almost everyone in my whole program here at USU attended and good times were had by all. Along with learning all sorts of audiology info. we also went to a Colorado Rockies game (Rockies 7 Dodgers 2 final score); and then after other long convention days that included 2 hour lectures our group attended some hearing aid company sponsored parties. I thought I'd post some pics from the trip to entertain all of you.

Here we have the ever fabulous Shalise Adams and I eating some great baseball food! Followed by a view from our seats at Coors Field. After those is a picture of our group wearing some snazzy USU t-shirts.


Jim said...

Nice foul ball seats! Wished I could have gone with you.


Paul said...

Foul Ball Seats for sure, especially with the way the bal carries at Coors!! Wish I had gone too!

Loved the part of your post about
Rockies 7
Dodgers 2

Might be the only baseball joy I get all year.