Friday, June 29, 2007


Hello Everybody,

I'm finally updating so let me give you the basic rundown on how things are here in AZ. This morning at 8am it was 85 deg F, this afternoon at 2pm it was 109 deg 4pm it was 113F, temperature in my office 70deg F, nuf said.

SO above this (since I can't get them to move down) is some birthday pics. One of me and my grandmother talking about who knows what and the other of some beautiful flowers sent to me at work by my parents. I had hopes to put up some pictures of my office but I keep forgetting to bring a camera to work.
In general things are good. Some days I enjoy my job and some days...I don't. I'm getting to know most of the staff but still 5weeks later I met someone today for the first time. Someone from Billing who said "great to finally meet you" keep in mind I have not heard of this person. BUT he feels like we are close friends since he sees all the billing sheets (one for each patient) with my name on them.
Anyway I'm trying to 'stay cool' and will also try to post again soon with other pictures.

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Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hi Amy,
Hope you had a good birthday. You've got us beat by about 5 degrees: nighttime 80 degrees and daytime 104. "but it's a dry heat" until monsoon season starts.
Happy 4th! Love, Aunt Patsy