Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well Jon and I are settling in here in Tucson. If you read Jon's blog then you've gotten to see some pictures of the apt. maybe tomorrow I will take some updated ones so you can view our unpacking progress.

The job seems to be going well. Although not having any friends or feedback yet I'm not sure of how well they think I am doing. But so far I think I am doing alright. Its difficult to go from a school situation to a work environment due to the fact that you have no way to check your progress. In school this can be done by assignment and test grades etc.

Other news....Jon and I tried a church here in Tucson today, Catalina UMC. It was alright although we think we chose the wrong service time for finding other people our age. We are going to try and go there again next week since the bulletin says they have a age 18-30 group, SO we know they are 'there' somewhere. The 'young adult' group also meets Monday nights so we might try and join them if we can figure out where they meet and I don't chicken out.

We also enjoyed SamJo day a holiday invented by my extended family here in Tucson to celebrate my cousin and my Uncle's birthdays. We swam, ate burgers, and had time with the fam and didn't get sunburned (always crucial). Then we went to Westward Look Resort where my Uncle works and saw some fireworks. While this would normally be illegal they have a permit to shoot fireworks for Memorial Day since it is too hot and dry on July 4th. Jon and I got to see the fireworks from close up and it was a great show.

All in all we had a good day (enjoying the weekend!). Will try and post pictures soon.

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