Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brian Photos (because no one else is!)

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post (as usual) to attempt more frequent postings (as usual, I know). I was going to write a nice little blog about my new flower garden. It's not a great achievement but having time for something like flowers is a big deal when you're me. BUT Jon posted a picture already so I decided to put some up of Brian. I know everyone is thinking, 'thats not your kid' and 'I wanted to do that' but lets face it Paul is ~5 months behind on this and the kid is growing like a weed. In fact I am sure if P or C sees this they will remark that Brian doesn't even look like that anymore. They will probably say things like 'he outgrew that outfit 3 wks ago'. Nevertheless I decided that those of you in blog land deserve an update on this. After all the other day I asked Paul if Brian can eat cherrios and he told me Brian eats everything. Yes, that's right folks he eats all real food and thinks cherrios are boring. (you are amazed I know, I told you he was growing).

SO finally here are the latest pictures in my possesion. Love to all from Brian's favorite Auntie.


Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Dear Amy,
You are the best!!!! I've grown weary of reading Supercalifragilistic expialadocious on Paul's blog. Sigh.
I love the pics you shared of Brian.
He's a cutey to be sure. Now, we eagerly await more news and pics from Rancho Thomas Arron. Oh yeah, I can go look on Jon's blog. Cool. Patsy

jake & erin said...

Yeah, thanks for posting Brian pictures! He is cute! Also, very nice flowers...