Monday, March 30, 2009

March 29th

Dear Blog world. Well here are a few new photos for you, the one above I put because Jon called it a 'good bump picture'. Personally I think its all in where my arm is that makes it look so..incriminating (wink) But I suppose a bump is a bump and he knows better than anyone else that looks at me!

Of course down here we have as requested a picture of me standing in the same spot (ok almost the same spot) as before for comparison. I have had the suggestion that I keep wearing the same shirt everyweek....but that prospect seemed at first boring (how to show off cute maternity clothes) and later on like it could be scary. I'm picturing something that looks like the incredible hulk in slow motion. My shirt tearing down the front AAARRGGHHH...not pretty. So for now will just go for whatever I'm wearing that day. Maybe later we'll do a repeat shirt appearance, if its not to scary.

-Note: Jon just fixed my formating on this so my pictures and text are better. So if you like this you can thank Jon and if you wonder why I never do it again...I don't know how.

In other news (since you're looking at bump photos it's baby related, hope you all don't mind). Jon and I are officially registered for Baby Classes. Actually if you ask the expert this means I am registered for Birth Information Courses along with my support partner. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on class events. To start with I would like to vent about needing to register for 3 courses (along with 3 seperate fees I might add) in order to find out all the crucial information such as: how to be pregnant, have labor/give birth, feed, diaper, dress, bathe, and care for baby. Didn't this all used to be one course? and didn't it used to be free? Not that I've ever participated before but....honestly they wonder how so many people don't know what they need and take poor care of the their children. I'll tell you part of the issue, it takes a proactive person a good half hour not to mention 3 courses and $$$ to even get signed up to potentially learn the needed information! Of course if you want to know other information such as baby CPR that is actually a different course (and more $), thankfully I'm already certified. Who knows what other mom's do, "sorry I killed Junior, I just could never figure out how to get registered for baby life saving, and it cost too much" or something like this could happen, "if only I'd saved the $ from _______ and used it for Baby CPR class this would never have happened". Sigh if you're still reading at this point, thanks for listening to my ranting. Maybe it's the hormones talking.

All in all things are going very well, hope you enjoy the pictures and of course as soon as I learn more baby facts in class I'll be sure to share them with anyone who asks....and for free too! Don't tell you're doctors, I may get blacklisted.


Paul said...


Your rant about Birth Classes is justified!! Perhaps we should write our politicians? Seriously, you are quite right on this.

Out here we had to pay our money and wait to see which class we could get into (if any)! Yes, you could pay, register and never get to attend class. Some of your money would be refunded to you in a couple of weeks if that happened.

Thanks for the updated bump pictures!

Jessica said...


You look very cute pregnant! Good luck with your classes. Our "lamaze" class had a crazy hippie teacher that basically told us drugs were the devil and we were bad moms if we got an epidural. And then to top it all off, she did a birth reanactment with a cabbage patch doll going through a plastic birth canal. Needless to say we only went the one time. Good luck don't stress about the classes too much, you forget most of it anyways, but you will be suprised to find out how much of it comes by instinct. Anyways good luck and don't take the other hormonal ladies too seriously...

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

You go girl! You look very pretty in Blue. Hormonal? You bet, and proud of it. He he.
RE: the classes...The sad part is that all 'that information' used to come from our Mom and from our Mom's Mom and from all 'the aunties' and it was for free (whether solicited or un-) As for me, I read a lot of informative books and asked a lot of questions.
Quilt update: the design has been chosen and the prototype drawing completed. It's going to be neat!
Love and hugs, Aunt Patsy