Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bump Watch

Hello Blog world,
At this point I'm sure many of you have heard the news we're expecting and have also seen sonogram pics on Jon's blog. You may or may not know that Jon is attempting to take my picture once a week to 'watch the bump'. SO since its been a looong time between posts I am as always attempting to do better by posting a few of Jon's pictures for all of you. I of course don't usually like having my picture taken but for the baby I'll do anything and for all of you to follow along I'll do...well some things including having my picture taken!
Feb 1st Feb 22nd March 5th

March 5th again...if I put the shirt against my stomach... wink
Most of my street clothes still look like Feb 1st however (unfortunately) most of my work clothes look more like the 2nd one from March 5th. Baby isn't shy everyone he/she just wants to be seen! I personally am enjoying the moment this week as my regular jeans still fit without help. Especially since almost all work pants are being used with the help of the bella band. For those of you not familar with 'bella band' you can google it and see pictures. Its a large tube of elastic that is sort of transition clothing between your own clothes and...maternity clothes.
All in all not too much else to report. I'll do my best to keep up with the pictures. So far I've felt more fatigued than anything else but slowly its getting better. Baby is 12 wks and has just reached the approximate size of a plum!
* Note for Dad- took photos March 5th ...same day I called you simply for posterity. A rough day but hey I'm still wearing my own pants which they tell me I should be proud of!!!


jake and erin said...

I'm very excited to follow along! When is baby's due date?

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Yihaa! And I think the blue print blouse is really pretty. Don't forget to provide me with color suggestions for The Baby Quilt..