Monday, May 25, 2009

The Latest

Well hello everyone. As you an see the latest with us is our little Memorial day weekend project of crib building! After several trips Jon and I picked a crib and managed to get it back to the house; actually that turned out to be the hardest part. We ended up spending ~1hr putting it together, no missing parts or issues! Even for those of you who would (like we most likely would) lose the instructions and have issues the next time you tried to put it together this crib is fool proof. See below:
The crib comes with all instructions glued to the bottom of the crib (aka the part that holds up the mattress). So unless you lose that whole piece you cannot lose them. It also has all the instructions should you want to convert the crib to full size bed later.

Last but not least I don't have a good recent belly shot on the computer yet but I do have this cute pic of Chuck (my father in law) and myself comparing bellies. Good thing my secret is safe with him about whose belly is larger (wink)well I suppose with him and Susan and Jon....Ok so really no secrets at all these days when it comes to the belly. I knew I needed to update the blog, partly from Jon telling me 'update your blog' but also from questions at work...escalating when it comes to the belly. Example I had a student at our office ask me if my skin hurt to have it stretch so much. Thankfully I was able to say no but it makes you wonder when it looks painful to others! Lucky for her we are work colleagues and I didn't show her the hair, stretch marks etc. that come along with the rest!
More nursery, belly, etc. to come on some other quiet night. These days work stays busy as another coworker of mine is out on maternity leave but after a few weeks she'll return and blog time will increase! Of course that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be faithful but...I'll try. Best to all!

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