Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rock hard abs in less than 25weeks!

Well bloggers you too could have a physique like the photos here, results like this are typical within the first 20-25 weeks, this example here is your average white female at 24weeks!

Here is one from just a few weeks ago (may 9th)
I do have a few of my belly button progress but have determined that they are not blog worthy. Meanwhile you can see the bump progress. Baby Wheeler is getting bigger and stronger every day. She is now strong enough that Jon can feel her kick and if you push your hand on my belly she will get irritated (I'm assuming thats what it is anyway) and will push back with a little nudge! In order to perform such masterful feats she continues to cause cravings for Doritos, Chipotle steak burritos and lately chocolate chip cookies....yep she knows whats good. Also helpful is Daddy providing plenty of fluids including some juice to get her moving.
Jon and I have been studying of course as baby due date gets closer and are in our 3rd week of a 5wk baby course. This Tuesday we get to tour the hospital where our girl will arrive, no idea if they allow photos but don't worry, will have camera just in case.

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Susan said...

cute-cute tummy. I really like the bed that you got. I can not wait to see little "Olive".
grandma susie