Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes blogger helps me!

Dear Blog readers,
Have just been encouraged to see that blogger posted all my pics backwards. I had intended to put them from earlier dates scrolling down to present day. Not sure why it didn't work out that way but the nice thing is now if you scroll...I get smaller! ta dah! Ok so maybe not so exciting for you all but for me its pretty nice. As you can see from the most recent pic (striped shirt) I'm starting to rethink taking these photos. This is added to by the heat (101deg F) and swollen ankles!

Of course some days still fun. You can see in this one from the week before. I was joking and laughing with Jon while taking pictures. I think I snuck this one in after work one day (as you can see by my shoes) before changing into 'mommy clothes' aka yoga pants and tank top, bare feet.

Absolute fav here in help via blogger. It didn't let me rotate the photo. I look a little sway backed! But I found it funny. Especially since I am giving a nice classic 'mommy pose' for all of you holding baby to show my belly. What would modern art lovers say to this depiction?
All in all things here are going well. I think last time I left the blog I had said we were going on our hospital tour. The tour went well and we were very encouraged by the facilities there. Everything looks safe and clean, not to mention excessive strategies to prevent your baby from getting traded, switched with another or altogether boosted from the hospital. All three of us (Jon, Baby and I) will all be tagged as soon as possible to make sure we stay together. Of course less excuses for later and possibly the end for shows like Oprah and Dr Phil but really I think I'll take it this way.
Hope you all enjoy the pics, am off for my evening walk with Jon followed by a run for fried chicken to take to 4th of July potluck at work tomorrow.

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bearette7237 said...

Hi Amy, You look great. It's nice to see you as a wonderful Doctor and a mom to be. I am so happy for you and Jon. I hope the future holds many wonderful and exciting times for you. Please keep taking the pic's it makes you feel near by. Love, Terry