Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Fall

hi everyone. I have wanted to update for quite a while but various things always get in the way. BUT today I actually have time! I have been taking finals, writing papers, doing presentations and all the wonderful things that happen at the end of the semester. This year I even had the special bonus of having the flu and rescheduling two finals. The flu actually is the reason I have time to blog, the silver lining if you will. Because I was ill and rescheduled finals I now have a random day in finals week where I do not have finals but the semester is not over. Of course I have plenty of other things to work on but since being sick has made me tired I have decided blogging is a better thing to accomplish.

So for all of you in blog land I thought I would outline some of the fun things I plan to do on xmas break. At first I planned to sleep for 2 whole days. BUT having the flu took care of that so I can now move on to laundry, wedding planning, and finding out the true color of my carpet. Somewhere in there I will also be spending time with family and family-to-be, sharing all the fun of the holidays....mistletoe, leftovers, presents, and seeing a great many people in their pajamas. Still on the list after all of that is trying to get an appointment at the eye doctor, and trying on dresses. I personally think if would be very fun to do these both in the same day, so that the bridal gown people have to tell me how wonderful I look in various gowns while I wear the plastic glasses they give you after dilating your eyes.

Thats about all the news from can now put down your 3 things you learned from reading Amy's blog in an email and impress people all day long.
1. Do NOT get the flu
2. Pajama watching is a highlight of the holiday season
3. Wedding gowns and black plastic glasses is a new fad.

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Jo-Blo said...

Hey - Thanks so much for tending the other night! The kids had so much fun! THey haven't quit talking about you!