Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hi Everyone! Hope that everyone had as good a Christmas and New Year as I did. Since last posting I have had a much needed vacation. No one has the flu anymore (thank God!). I spent a whole day wedding dress shopping. Still haven't found 'the dress' but had a great time. I got to see lots of family and friends, including Jake and Erin, Jyana, and Jyana's grandparents! I had a really nice time seeing people I don't get to see very often. Anyways now I am getting back in school mode and start class again Monday the 9th. I'll have one week of class and then I am off to Chicago! I am a representative for a student organization for Audiology students and we are having our spring meeting in IL. We generally have our meetings sponsored by various hearing aid companies and this meeting is being sponsored by Phonak, in Warrenville, IL. This is very good news for me since I now will get to see Paul for one day before having to be in meetings! To learn more about the student organization you can check out I think I may even have a 'bio' somewhere on there under Board Representatives.

Happy 06 everyone!

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