Thursday, January 05, 2006

Got Belly?

I know I know, its the same day but this one deserved its own post. This year 2006, the year of my brothers wedding and my wedding, I have decided to lose some weight. So this special post is to invite whoever else wants to get on the weightloss train to get on! Several of us who will be attending both Paul's wedding and mine have decided to get fit together. We are planning to have several small goal days, and then some larger ones. For example, the first small goal is Valentines day, while the first big goal day is Paul's wedding. I figure days like this will keep me going through the whole year. I know that we all still have some holiday goodies hanging around but if we waited till they were gone then we would wait until Valentines, and then until Easter, and then we would say 'I'll start in the summer'.....until it was gasp 2007. So emotional support is here! Feel free to join us and find yourself a buddy to weigh with and encourage!
For those of you interested in some other online support check out the National Weight Loss Challenge which offers meal plans, exercise advice, and most importantly ecards with talking belly buttons.

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Jo-Blo said...

Good for you Amy - That should be fun! Jami and I know all of the best snacks! I will let you know!! After all everyone loves to snack! Sorry that you had to miss Tyson's party! Thanks for the book-I am sure that he will love it!