Saturday, September 06, 2008

Catch up!

Here is a photo of our tent from when we went camping on Mt Lemmon. A pretty good time as 1)its 7000 ft so much cooler than Tucson 2)the campground had potties 3)real trees 4) didn't get attacked by any boogie men.
This is zuchinni bread made by yours truly. Pretty tasty too, its called Chocolate Zuchinni and is from my Mother in Law Susan W.'s family cookbook. Although it only takes 2c. of zuchinni so with the size of the zuchinni I had I still have a huge ziploc of frozen zuchinni in the freezer. Oh well will make more bread later!
These are some of the smaller Monster cookies I made for a work potluck for Labor Day. The recipe from Tracy Hiester of Aldersgade UMC in Brigham City UT. They taste great, have everything (m&ms, oatmeal, peanut butter...) The original instructions said to use a 1/4c measuring cup to drop the cookies-they were huge! Monster...obviously. But since that meant only cooking about 3 at a time then I had to scale down to 'large pampered chef scoop', which made these you see here.
This is a view of my new hanging plant picked by Jon! It has large waxy leaves and is sort of cactus like but pretty flowers. It's replacing the geranium I used to have there. The geranium was great, lasted from Nov. of last year until around April when it finally threw in the towel...really not too bad. We'll se how this one lasts, its called Euphoria or something like that. Meanwhile my small flower bed behind it plugs on. I have some Zinca (?) that have held up quite well as well as some petunias. I had some taller flowers but they bit the dust around 105 deg F (who can blame them). I also have a mint plant which I got from a friend at church giving me a cutting. It had a hard time in the beginning but is now sprouting up and beginning its takeover as mint always does. This is good though since who knows how many months petunias hold out in Tucson, and also plenty of foder for mojitos next summer.

OK well I think that is a quick sum up of 'life in pics' for now. I hope to take some pics of our adventures tonight but maybe not too many, it might spook our dinner guests if I roam about the table saying things like "work it!". If all else fails theres bound to be some pics of Jonathan and Christina's wedding coming up here soon.


Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hi Amy,

Wooo whooo! Camping, cookies, and new succccculents. Nice to see a new post. Maybe I should follow suit??
Love, Patsy

Jim said...



Nice pics.
Sometime, you can take me up Mt. Lemmon!


Paul said...

Sing with me now....

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me....C is for cookie...