Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wedding pictures!

As many of you know Jon and I had the pleasure of going to UT for the weekend to see Jon and Christina's Wedding. We really had a great time despite it being such a quick trip. Here are some photos from 'the big day'! One of my favs here at the top of Joe and Maureen,
The beautiful bride herself, after being Mrs. Christina Umbriaco for about ....10min.!
This is the reception center where we had dinner, dancing and general celebration afterwards. Everything was beautiful. The reception center told us we were their largest event ever, (obviously! It's THE wedding of the year!) they did a good job and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Just a little sneeky picture here, hopefully Aunt Dorothy will forgive me for taking this view of her but I had to catch Christina signing the license! Its official everyone!

SO thats all the big news around here, we had a great trip and are now at home and back at work!


Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for posting photos of the Umbriaco wedding event. I am glad you two were able to attend.
Love, Aunt Patsy

Joe & Maureen said...

Dear Amy and Jon

Maureen and I were SO pleased with your visit. You don't know this but you both bring MUCH happiness whenever you are around!!

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Joe & Maureen