Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Xmas prep-Thomas Arron

Hi everyone. Well I must say blogging for me never changes. I think of ideas and never have time meanwhile quietly reassuring myself that it hasn't been that long....until I look and its been a month. Still 12 a year isn't bad compared to none. I've just included a few pictures of our house with xmas decorations up. We put things up a little early this year so between holiday trips we actually get to enjoy our tree etc. Also we were a little excited as many of our Christmas items were wedding gifts that had yet to be used. I particularly like the Christmas village shot here in which Wal-Mart in all its perfect timing showed a comercial right as I was trying to get my photo. All in all a pretty representative picture of our house, nicely decorated but like everyone else we watch too much TV.
Here is our Christmas tree, lots of new ornaments from the wedding as well as some donated tinsel. If you're feeling extremely curious you can look in the very back of the picture and see my new kitchen curtains, helpfully hung by Jon.

Last but not least is likely the 1 Christmas craft of the year, putting a new bow on one of our two wreaths. I picked the ribbon and made the bow all by myself....not too shabby! And if my mom is out there saying 'gosh that wreath looks familiar' its because it used to be yours, hope you don't mind me sprucing it up!
In closing my ever present (but often seemingly empty) promise to blog more soon, hopefully pictures of Thanksgiving in Wellton AZ!


Jim said...


Lovely pics. We like the snowflakes on the window! With those, you have more snow than we do!

The tree is lovely

Mom and Dad

Princess Pat from Zardonia said...

Hi Amy and Jon,
With the spaciousness of your kitchen, there's no reason not to have your Christmas tree up! We have an artificial tree but I don't know where to put it!!
Congrats on getting a jump on the season so you can enjoy it.
We're heading to Ruidoso tomorrow.
Might even see some snow!
Love, Aunt Patsy